These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of the whole publication process. Feel free to contact us for further any clarification. Your query will be resolved within 10 working hours.

What is self-publishing?
Publishing your work independently without sharing copyright and royalty benefit is self-publishing. It is the most useful and efficient publishing model of the time where the author reserves full rights on the content, controls every aspect of publication and enjoys 100 % of the net profit from sale.

How is self-publishing different from traditional publishing?

Self-publishing is a fully author-centric publishing method as it should be. As opposed to traditional publishing, a self-published author does not have to sign over the copyright and can exercise full authority on the manuscript at every stage of publication.

How do I submit an article for publication?
You can submit the manuscripts at publishlambert@gmail.com. Your paper must be in MS Word document format. The paper acceptance / rejection will be sent by us within 1 week from the date of paper submission.

How does the review process work?
The review of articles is done through a blind peer review. All the articles received by IJARSCMT are sending to Review Committee after deleting the name of the author to have an unbiased opinion about the research.

What kind of papers does IJARSCMT publish?
IJARSCMT  aims to publish research papers, review papers, survey papers, short communications and technical notes in all areas of Computer Science, Information, Applied Science and Communication fields. The research paper publication process starts with the submission of your research paper via email. And the peer review process usually completes within 1 day time, depending upon the number of papers in the streamline.

How long does it take for an accepted paper to be actually published?
The paper will be published after the sucessful review and the procedure. In order to publish the accepted article, any one of the author should submit the Copyright form to IJARSCMT.

Is the Journal published at regular intervals?
Yes, this journal is published every month.